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eHarmony was the original pioneer of the “guided dating” concept where you’re matched, based on a deep assessment of your personality, with truly compatible people rather than allowing you to do your own choosing.

The initial questionnaire is extremely detailed and should take you around 45 minutes to complete as it comprises well over 400 questions which cover 29 different areas of compatibility, such as “Do you have a messy room?” and “Do you get angry easily?”

The theory behind this approach is that people who tend to select their own matches on dating sites based mainly on physical appearance, will often tend to keep going for the same kind of people and this isn’t always the best recipe for a lasting relationship.

You can’t search for matches on your own, and can’t view pictures of people that you haven’t been matched with. If you are comfortable with this concept of the site acting as your intelligent matchmaker then your chances of success are very high.

The site also features a very nice advice section (eHarmony Advice) with lots of useful articles, tips and quizzes to help you get the most from your dating experience.

eHarmony’s overall number of users is similar to so you shouldn’t have any problems finding compatible singles wherever you live. eHarmony’s user base tends to be slightly older than that of and tends to attract more people who are actively looking to get married.

If you’re happy to be in control of your own online dating experience then offers a huge user base and a large number of great features. If you prefer a more managed experience where you don’t do the choosing yourself, then both chemistry and eharmony are terrific options.

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