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While offers the largest selection of online singles, provides a different kind of service based on compatibility and, of course, chemistry! Itís based around the idea of ďguided datingĒ which makes it ideal if youíre new to online dating and want to have your hand held through the whole process.

The signup process is quite detailed and youíll need to take at least half an hour to answer the questions which are very innovative and quite thought-provoking. Your personality type is assessed into one of four categories: Explorer, Negotiator, Builder and Director, based on research by Dr Helen Fisher, the siteís resident expert. There are videos by Dr Fisher which explain what this means and how each personality type interacts with the other types. This can be very useful in helping find people with whom you are truly compatible.

Each step is very clearly laid out, with pop-up windows to help guide you through each new screen. Based on your answers and your personality type, matches you with a small group of compatible singles and encourages you to make contact. After you have done so, you can rate how much chemistry you had with each contact.

Based on your feedback, the site dynamically learns about your preferences, and very importantly takes notice not just of what you say you want in a partner but in the types of people that you actually respond well to. This means that over time, your matches should become even more accurate.

You are encouraged to have a short first meeting, such as a coffee date, with your potential matches to see if the compatibility really is backed up with real chemistry. If the chemistry isnít there, the site makes it easy to let the person down gently when youíre asked to rate how the date went. has around 4 million members but the number is growing. This canít compete with Match.comís 15 million members but the site offers a very different experience that will appeal much more to novice online daters.

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