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When Is the Right Time to Get Intimate?

Holly Bentz

Fast Gratification vs. Sexual Deferment

Whoever said that immediate sexual gratification was unrewarding did not have an appetite for sex. It does not require a book of rules to determine when it is acceptable to get naked with someone.

It does not take more than one sexual encounter with a psycho or serial killer to learn about the potential perils of hooking up. No one needs to read the reviews on sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to understand that there is a certain degree of risk involved.

Despite society’s woes of unadulterated erotica, ‘just doing it’ is a subjective issue. There are no rules or scheduled agendas which define the appropriate time to be intimate. If there were rules, we would be unable to relate to that awkward morning after feeling, the run of repulsion or the walk of shame.

Nonetheless, contingent upon one’s future relationship goals, rules apply in the pursuit of a long lasting relationship. To prove the undocumented theory, most men will attest that they judge women who give it up on the first date. Most men will confess that they are less apt to settle down with the woman who offers her gratuities freely. Their train of thought is “If she did it with me – then she’ll do it with others.”

The proof was depicted in a recent American broadcast report, released by ABC-TV. While 42 percent of the men confessed to sex on the first date, only 17 percent of their female cohorts admitted to the first date romp. To prove the theory, the same women defined themselves as “sexually adventurous” and contended to have 4 times more bedding mates than the closed-legged gals.

Although, there are not any conclusive rules on intimacy, depending on a gal’s objective, there are two ways to go about the pursuit of getting your sexual update. It all begins with what is important to you. Everyone has their own guidelines on when getting naked is appropriate. For the gal looking for the long term relationship, the impetuous tryst is not a positive game plan.

Sex and a Relationship are not always the Same

For any woman who has availed herself to those yearning night calls, do not even think that your nightly status will be upgraded to daytime hours --- let alone a long time commitment. Relationships and sex are not interchangeable by-products. One can have a relationship without sex. People can get naughty without the baggage of a relationship.
Relationships are not spawned by midnight interludes.

It happens quite often. Girl meets boy. Girl wants to play it cool. Girl is available for whatever and whenever. This is the beginning of the end. Once you go bootie-call, there most likely is no turning back.

When you evaluate the approval rating of casual sex of men versus women, the numbers depict a marginal difference on intimacy. For example, over a third of the men surveyed in America deem casual sex as acceptable since it is without the emotional relationship. Conversely, only 15 percent of the women were cool with the casual sex issue.

For you girlfriends who are not looking for anything serious, committing the nasty is unlimited. “ Sex in the City’s” Samantha liberated the terms of women recharging their sex engine.

Since promiscuity has been approved, it has helped women become more confident in appeasing their appetites.

Needless to say, who can blame any person for wanting to “get their groove-on?” The only person impetuous sex hurts are those who are looking for more than casual sex. Unfortunately, when sex outperforms emotional bonding, the finish has a tendency to go flaccid. Since, men and women establish emotional connections in different ways, premature sex has a way of impairing the original foundation.

Brits vs. American Intimacy

According to a recent story released by Female First, the British are more sexually experimental than Americans and other Europeans. In the realm of infidelity, a little over four out of 10 Briton’s admit to maintaining more than one relationship at a time. While some 38 percent of Briton’s are confessing to spicing up their love life with bondage, 61 percent of the sexually active Americans are calling themselves traditionalists.

Despite the underlying differences between British and American promiscuity, the English practice safe sex more with 82 percent of sexually active Brits using contraceptives. (Source: FemaleFirst)

American Statistics on Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Approximately, one in four Americans will contract an STD in their lifetime

    *    65 million Americans live with an incurable STD

    *    Adolescents account for one-fourth of all new STD diagnoses

    *    Over 40 million Americans are infected with the most common STD, Herpes

Quite often, expectations are devastated when people have sex for any other reason than carnal knowledge. Consequently, the individual in quest of the long term scenario should protect their feelings by deferring the deed. Authentic intimacy evolves between a man and a woman after their relationship goals have been verified and requited. Aside from immediate gratification, hedonistic pleasure has no other expectations.