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Teen Dating Ideas

Fiona Condron

Dates for Teenagers that won't Break the Bank.

You know how they always say that your teen years are the best ones of your life? Well I’m betting that whoever they are, they weren’t ever teens themselves. Who can think of a worse time?

Your body seems to have a life of it’s own, your parents seem to take great delight in telling you what to do, you have more homework than you know what to do with, and your zits seem to be far more active than your social life ever is. Those people who wish they were teens again? Well let’s just say they must have a pretty short memory.

But it’s not all bad. Just a few short years ago, the primary function of the opposite sex was for throwing rocks at, but now you’ve realised that there are far better ways to have fun with them. But for many parents, the idea of their kids even vaguely associating with the opposite sex sends them into a blind panic.

This usually is because it is a stark reminder of how old they themselves are getting, and while this is not their kid’s problem, it is usually the poor unfortunate teen who bears the brunt of this. So once they’ve finally gotten off their chests the one hundred and one things you’re not allowed to do, what’s left?

Movie Dates

Depending on where you live, there are always the old favorite date activities, the things that teenager daters will still be doing a hundred years from now. And with good reason – a date to the movies, for example, is an old staple of the dating scene for a reason. No matter how old you are, there is always the fear on a date of what to say, and the unspoken desire to hold hands, and a trip to the movie theater solves both of these issues quite nicely.

A movie date is also one that is quite reassuring to parents too, so there is less likelihood of receiving one of those embarrassing phone calls, designed to check up on you and make sure you’re behaving. Combining a movie date with a quick bite to eat afterwards is perfect for one of those early dates – it gives you something concrete to do, and also something to have an animated discussion about afterward, neatly helping to avoid those lingering awkward silences.

Once you’ve had a few dates, though, and are feeling a little more at ease with one another, you will probably want to make the time to simply talk and get to know one another better.

Unfortunately, this is the very time that parental anxiety can begin to increase, so be sure to set their minds at ease – it is easier for you in the long run, helping to avoid having the same old fight again and again!

Going out for something to eat is always nice, but depending on whether you have a part-time job, or generous parents, this might not fit into your budget too well, but there are some more cost effective options you try.

Having a picnic might seem really lame, but it can be lots of fun – you can each be responsible for bringing something to eat or drink, and each take turns to pick where to go. Back yards can be useful if you can’t think of anyplace else, and you will get a great opportunity to simply sit and talk.

An important part of dating is getting to know the person you are going out with, and what better way to gain insights into their psyche than by a practical demonstration! Pick something that one of you likes to do, whether this is playing ball, reading, or listening to music, and share it on a date. This is a great way to share your personality with your date, and show them exactly why you love a particular pastime so much.

Go to a local game together, or even teach your date how to play your favorite sport, or go to a concert to see your favorite band together. Sharing something that you love to do with someone that you like helps them to get to know the real you, and helps you both find out whether you'd like to see more of each other.

Dealing with Parents

Dating as a teenager isn’t easy, as you have to balance the needs and concerns of your parents with your own confusing and sometimes overwhelming emotions. But the process is a learning experience, as you get to know the new person in your life, and learn to negotiate with your parents. Just remember that they only want what’s best for you, and their disapproval of any of your dating ideas stems only from concern.

Take on board what they are saying and they will back off, so be considerate of their feelings. Call them when you get to where you’re going so they know that you are safe, and they won’t bother you for the rest of the evening! Put your safety first when planning any date, and never, ever go anywhere alone with a person you have only just met. Be safe, and then go have fun.