The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again

The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again

Tina B. Tessina and Pamela Hill Nettleton

Many people find themselves in very challenging situations, having to pick up the pieces after a messy divorce, or the end of a long-term relationship or worst of all, following a bereavement. We all have the desire to be loved and connected to people but sometimes our old habits can end up keeping us stuck and separated from the love we desire because we simply don’t know how to change.

The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again takes a serious and very compassionate look at the whole process of creating new relationships from the very beginning. It gives practical advice to help readers assess their relationship needs and to build their self-esteem.

It then proceeds to explore all the many options of the modern dating scene and answers most of the questions that might be asked. Armed with this information, the reader will be in a much better position to discover the best options for building a new and loving future.

For those who are considering re-entering the dating game, or who just need some help, encouragement and practical advice, Tina Tessina and Pamela Hill Nettleton's book is strongly recommended.